Stephen Osborne

Professor Stephen Osborne

Chair of International Public Management

Key Business School Members

Maria Cucciniello

Dr Maria Cucciniello

Senior Lecturer in Service Management

Dahlia El-Manstrly

Dr Dahlia El-Manstrly

Lecturer in Marketing

Fernando Moreira

Dr Fernando Moreira

Senior Lecturer in Banking and Risk Management

Teea Palo

Dr Teea Palo

Lecturer in Marketing

Kirsty Strokosch

Dr Kirsty Strokosch

Teaching Fellow in Service Management

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Yida Zhu

Research Fellow Co-Val

Business School Staff Members

Honorary Professors

  • Professor Ricardo Gomes
  • Professor Toshihiko Ishihara

Doctoral Researchers

Board Members

Dr Ricardo Gomes, Vargas Foundation

Ricardo Gomes has a PhD in Public Management issued by Aston University, UK. He is a senior lecturer in public management at Fundação Getulio Vargas’s Sao Paulo School of Business Administration (FGV EAESP). He is the Vice President for Central and South America at the International Research Society for Public Management and is Deputy Editor for the Brazilian Journal of Public Administration (Revista de Administração Pública – RAP).

Prof Toshihiko Ishihara, CIPFA Japan

Dr Toshihiko Ishihara is the President of CIPFA Japan Branch and CIPFA HQ Council Member. Dr Ishihara is also a Professor with the Business School at Kwansei Gakuin University, Kobe, Japan. In his lab, there are about 20 researchers interested in public service delivery and public accounting.

Luke Jeavons, Scottish Government

Luke is Head of Major Programmes for the Office of the Chief Designer within the Scottish Government. This includes developing and supporting a team of design and research practitioners working across a range of programmes. It also involves supporting programmes of work to consider how they can leverage the insights and capabilities of user research and service design, as well as exploring how participatory design can positively impact how policy is developed and delivered.

David Kidd, Homeless Network Scotland

David is a Change Lead for Homeless Network Scotland, working across Scotland and internationally to improve homelessness and related systems and processes within and between services and sectors. He has particular expertise in increasing the involvement of people with lived experience of homelessness and related issues in driving solutions, specialising in blending diverse perspectives to facilitate transformational change. Working with government, public, third and independent sectors connecting policy to practice through people, David has a passion for turning evidence of what works into reality. David is also a Director of who supply analysis and project management consultancy services to the UK public and private sectors.

Dr Tony Kinder, Eddleston Innovation

After a career including chairing several venture capital investment funds and occupying various leading positions in Lothian Regional and West Lothian local councils, Tony then worked at Edinburgh University as MBA Director and now is a Visiting Professor at Tampere University. His research focuses on learning in service innovation processes, around which he has published over 50 papers in academic journals. His current research is on governance of ecosystems and projects on the ethical use of artificial intelligence and technologically-assisted integration of health and social care in Finland.

Dr Ilpo Laitinen, Helsinki City Council

Adjunct Professor Ilpo Laitinen is both a senior-level director and researcher working across the boundaries of academia and business. His research covers the reform and evaluation of public administration and management, change and innovation management, higher education research, and the use of information technology in organisations. Ilpo is an Associate at the University of Oxford and has been published in journals including Public Management Review, International Social Work, International Journal of Knowledge-Based Development, and the Journal of Adult and Continuing Education.

Prof Michael Macaulay, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand

Michael Macaulay is Professor of Public Administration at the School of Government, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. He was previously Professor of Public Management at Teesside University, UK, and has held visiting professor posts in the UK and South Africa. Michael has worked with numerous international government agencies and NGOs including the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), the Council of Europe, and Transparency International. In New Zealand, he has co-authored evaluations of the New Zealand Police and the State Services Commission, and has advised numerous agencies on anti-corrupton, workplace misconduct, and whistleblowing. Michael is also a former judge, having spend seven years on the Teesside Bench in the UK.

Dr Greta Nasi, Bocconi University, Milan

Greta Nasi is Director of Research for Government at SDA Bocconi School of Management and Associate Professor of Public Management at Bocconi University, Milan, Italy. Her main research interests are in the field of innovation in the public sector, service dominant logic, and digital transformation. She publishes her work in both domestic and international journals and collaborates with multiple international organisations and local governments.

Dr Madeleine Powell, University of York

Dr Madeleine Powell is a lecturer of marketing at the University of York. Madeleine's research draws on three disciplines: social enterprises and public service delivery; relationship and services marketing; and public management theory. Madeleine is on the editorial board for Public Management Review and is also an at-large board member for the International Resarch Society for Public Management. Madeleine's broad research interests include: services/relationship marketing in social enterprises; hybrid organising; financial and social sustainability of social enterprises delivering public services; understanding and communicating social value; and multiple stakeholder management in social enterprises delivering public services.

Dr Yaamina Salman, University of the Punjab, Lahore

Dr Yaamina Salman has worked with the Institute of Administrative Sciences (IAS), University of the Punjab—a pioneer institute in the field of public administration education in Pakistan—for the last 20 years. She has a PhD in Management from the University of Edinburgh and her research focuses on public sector reforms, collaborative governance, networks, and institutional complexity. She is the Program Director/Coordinator for the PhD in Administrative Sciences offered at IAS and is also Associate Editor of Governance and Management Review.

Prof Chris Speed, University of Edinburgh

Chris Speed is Chair of Design Informatics at the University of Edinburgh where his research focuses on the Network Society, Design for the Digital Economy, and the Internet of Things (IoT). Chris has been involved in 25 research grants (leading on 9) since 2009 across ESPRC, ESRC, and AHRC, and has published over 120 papers and presented widely on the role of Design in the Digital Economy. He now leads the Creative Informatics programme, the ESPRC OxChain Project, the ESRC After Money Project, is Co-investigator on the ESPRC PACTMAN Project, and part of the PETRAS IoT UK Hub.

Prof Jari Stenvall, University of Tampere

Jari Stenvall is a professor of administrative sciences at Tampere University. His areas of research cover the reform and evaluation of public administration, change management, logic of practices, public services, learning, and artificial intelligence. His scientific publications include over 50 monographs, 10 edited books, and over 80 scientific articles in journals and compilations. Jari has been manager and researcher in more than 50 national and international research projects. His current research projects relate to public services and artificial intelligence. His projects include Horizon 2020, focusing on co-creation in services for the elderly.

Dr Delong Tang, University of Science and Technology, Beijing

Delong Tang is an Associate Professor and director of the new public governance research centre in the School of Humanities and Social Science in the University of Science and Technology, Beijing. Since entering university, his research interests include non-profit organisations and social innovation, public services and new public governance, community governance, and China's state and social relations. He is a standing member of the Specialised Committee of Cultural Relics Law Enforcement of the Chinese Public Administration Society, and has presided over a number of research projects in Chinese government departments.

Prof Ichirio Tsukamoto, Meiji University, Tokyo

Ichiro Tsukamoto is Professor of Public Management at the School of Business Administration, Meiji University, Tokyo, where he specialises in public management, nonprofit organisations, social enterprises, and impact investments. He has been published in Public Management Review and contributed to Social Enterprise: A Global Comparison (2009). He also authored 'The Potential of Nonprofit-government Partnerships for Promoting Citizen Involvement' in Pestoff, Brandsen, and Verschuere's New Public Governance, the Third Sector and Co-production (2012).

  • Hilary Brownlie, Registers of Scotland
  • Steven Currie, Murray & Currie Property Management
  • Dr Clare Moran, Scottish Government